New Horse Transportation Vehicle Updates

Our horse transportation fleet is constantly expanding and we are very excited to have placed an order for new Mercedes Chassis with Rygors Mercedes of Swindon and we can’t for them to roll off the production line some time at the end of May!

In other news, ongoing meetings with the team from Oakley will be taking place throughout April, to ensure our new trucks our built to the highest of standards.

Here’s some more info about our newest additions:

The Mercedes Antos 2533 L ENA 6×2 26 ton, Oakley 9 stall Horse Box (rear steer and lift for easy monovering), offers a wide range of features to ensure the safe transportation of Horses.

This is evident in the vital finishing touches such as the rubber ramp and floor coverings which ensure steady footing, the flush fitted lights, the strengthened panels designed to withstand a racehorse’s kick and the solid floor, constructed in strong, resilient aluminium tongue and groove planking.

Stainless steel fittings and partitions are fully adjustable and easily manipulated, while secure storage racks and roof vents are thoughtfully positioned with the grooms’ convenience and the horses’ safety in mind.

A thoroughly hygienic atmosphere with ample ventilation is guaranteed as standard by the stainless steel fittings which ensure maximum water and rust resistance, enabling the entire area to be easily and effectively hosed or steam cleaned.

These new horse boxes really are at the cutting edge of horse transportation and are testament to our commitment to providing clients with the very latest technology and the safest possible transport for their horses.

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