Polo Horse Transport

Polo horse transport is hugely important to this most amazing of sports for a number of reasons, not least because of the number of horses required for each match. Here’s a little bit more information on the origins of polo to give you a better understanding of this thrilling sport.

Polo as a sport is older than recorded history itself, however the first records tell how the sport originated in Central Asia. Nomads would form teams over 100 strong and play a version of polo in order to train for battle. Not only was it great training, but it was also great fun and the nomads took the sport with them on their migration to Persia between 600BC and 100AD.

Upon arrival in Persia, the sport gained popularity with the military and nobility, and soon spread west as far as India. It was here that the modern game originated with the founding of the Silchar Polo Club in 1859 by British military officers and tea planters. From here, the sport spread quickly west and by 1876 it had crossed the Atlantic to New York.

One of the biggest reasons why polo horse transport is so important is because of the sheer number of horses required for each game. Although teams are no longer made up of the same numbers as they were back in Central Asia (dropping down to 4 players on each side) the number of horses required per game is a minimum of 50.

The reason for this surprising number is that each player changes horses at the end of each period of play (chukka) in order to keep their horses fresh. Here’s the sums: a 6-chukka match works out as, 2 teams x 4 players per team x 6 chukkas + 4 for the umpires, equals 52 horses. Then throw in the fact that there are two games in a day and the numbers really do begin to add up!

NRT International is proud to offer a top-class Polo Horse Transport service across the country. Using our state-of-the-art fleet of boxes, we can ensure that every single horse required for a day’s polo is delivered on time in the greatest possible comfort.

In our 30 years of experience we have moved with the times, embracing developments in technology and safely delivering horses not just across the UK, but across Europe too.

If you’re looking for quality Polo Horse Transport that you can trust, look no further than NRT International. Give us a call to discuss your requirements on 01638 663155 or click here for more information.

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