Newly-refurbished Horse Transportation Vehicles

The racecourses in Newmarket may have been quiet over the winter, but here at the NRT workshop we have been extremely busy refurbishing a number of our horse transportation vehicles.

The NRT fleet is at the beating heart of what we do. Our business is to ensure that our clients enjoy the very best in horse transportation services and to achieve this we need to make sure that our vehicles are in tip top condition at all times.

Our expert team of engineers, headed up by Gordon Wallman, has been working non-stop over the past months to refurbish a number of our vehicles to ensure that they are not only in perfect condition, but also to ensure that they include the very latest technology.

The horse transportation industry is fast moving, with constant new innovations and technology to ensure that journeys are as efficient, comfortable and stress-free as possible. Keeping up with this ever-improving industry is what has made sure that we are at the forefront of horse transportation in the UK.

This ensures that our clients’ horses experience the utmost comfort and safety and always arrive at their destinations on time, in good health and without a hitch, every time. So, wether your horse is moving a few miles down the road, or thousands of miles across the globe, you can be sure that NRT’s horse transportation services will not just deliver your horse when you want it, but also in the utmost comfort and safety.

And that is just what Gordon and his team have done. They have pulled out all of the stops to ensure that our fleet is looking its absolute best and will continue to work hard maintaining this extremely high level of quality.

We would like to take this opportunity to say a huge thank you to all of our suppliers for their help and assistance and also for ensuring that they provide the very best quality components.

To take a closer look at our fleet and find out how NRT’s horse transportation services can help you, give us a call on 01638 663155 or email us at:

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