A Typical Day Transporting Horses

Transporting horses is no easy job for anyone, but the team at NRT International is trained to the highest of standards to ensure all horses, and the team of trainers, can experience the best possible level of care and safety when traveling with our expert fleet.

Every member of the team at NRT International carries Level 3 qualifications in equine transport and driver CPC certification.

A typical day transporting horses at NRT International will begin very early, 5am, if not earlier. Before a journey, it is crucial the fleet is prepared for the travelling day ahead. Following an inspection the night before, the vehicles and equipment will be checked, and checked again! The fleet is cleaned, the equipment is fastened and the kit is tailored towards the traveling needs of the horse. Following a thorough examination, the first stage of the journey begins, time to collect the horse(s)!

Many horses are trained in preparation for transportation. Never the less, the loading can be the hardest part of the journey. Alongside the trainer, we load the horse into the box and ensure the halter is secure.

Every three to six hours we will stop for clean water and refuel on nutrients. The schedule of stops will vary, depending on the climate. A trailer traveling in the sun can be more than 20 degrees warmer inside than outside. We try to plan all breaks in advance to minimise disruption for the horse and the team on board.

Throughout transportation, the team at the destination is regularly informed of the time of arrival as occasionally, special requirements may be needed. This includes medical support, food and equipment. Many of the horses we transport are worth millions and therefore, this aspect of the journey is especially crucial. The continued communication between the point of arrival and the traveling fleet will improve the recovery of the horse.

Once we have arrived at the arranged destination, a thorough inspection is arranged for the horse and the fleet of vehicles. The horse is then monitored over a series of days and weeks, right up to the journey home.

We continue to specialise in bespoke horse transportation and we will guarantee your horse(s) will reach their destination with the best possible level of care and by the highest standards of trainers and equipment.

If you would like to find out more about transporting horses with NRT International and how we may be able to help you, give us a call on 01638 663155 or click here

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